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Winter Vacation Travel – Top 5 Destinations

There are many places you can visit for your winter vacation but only a few that are world-famous for the amazing activities they offer for anyone willing to take some time off and make a trip to that destination. So we will discuss a top 5 list with some of the best places anyone could visit for his winter vacation!

1) You could always visit Prague in the Czech Republic. Prague in winter becomes a city full of snow-capped spires and streets full of white. It is basically what one would call a “fairytale city” and the city’s amazing architecture only proves that. There are so many places you can go to have amazing food and lots of street markets that offer all kinds of goods. If that wasn’t all you can always visit the Estates Theatre where Mozart conducted his world premiere of Don Giovanni in 1787.

2) Another amazing place to visit in winter is Amsterdam. Most of its museums are empty in winter and thus it’s one of the best times to visit ones like the Anne Frank House or the Rijksmuseum. Being such an attractive city for tourists, Amsterdam offers lots of activities ranging from Christmas shopping at smaller shopping areas like the Haarlemmerstraat to ice-skating on one of its many ice-skating parks.

3) Nagano, Japan, is also an amazing place to visit, since it can be a great place to start off before heading off to any of the nearby ski resorts.

4) Reykjavik in Iceland is another very nice place for any winter tourist since it is the capital of one of Europe’s coldest spots. Despite that fact though, there are many natural hot springs that you can find around the city to warm yourself up. It is the place where the annual Winter Lights Festival is held and it takes place around February to celebrate winter.

5) Last but not least, one can always visit Scotland in winter, Edinburgh in particular since it offers many attractions that are so much more beautiful in winter than any other time of the year.