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What to do in Paris – Top 10 to Dos

Visiting Paris soon and don’t know what to do, what to visit? Well fear not, as we are here to discuss the 10 most important thing anyone should do while he is in Paris! Be it walking around in the city’s beautiful streets or visiting certain tourist attractions and museums, there are always things a tourist might miss, so we will put them down in a list for you.

1) Visit the Arc de Triomphe which stands at the center Place de l'Étoile, which is the hub to 12 gran avenues of the city.

2) Most restaurants and bars around the Louvre Museum are most of the times way too overpriced and just try to lure customers coming out of the Museum. The Le Fumoir is an exception though and should definitely be paid a visit if you are anywhere around that area.

3) You should most definitely visit the Musée de l'Orangerie. It is always an amazing sight for first-time visitors and its gallery’s appeal is mostly due to its scale.

4) Be it that you are a literature fan or not, you should most definitely visit the Shakespeare and Company bookstore that has been a very important stop for anyone visiting Paris since it’s one of the most famous bookstores worldwide if not just in Europe.

5) You should also visit the Institut du Monde Arabe. An estimated four to seven million of France’s sixty two million residents possess Arabic roots so that’s why an institute like it was founded. There are many interesting things to see there.

6) The Centre Pompidou is another art gallery and also a cultural hub that many will enjoy visiting.

7) It might seem like a general tip, but you should make sure that you visit any of the crowded streets of Paris at night since they can be a beautiful sight themselves alone.

8) If you are visiting any time in summer or near the end of spring then you should make sure you visit the Piscine Josephine Baker. It is one of the best swimming pools you can try in Paris and it has quite a fame to it.

9) The Montmartre neighborhood might look like a sad neon trip full of souvenir windmills but if you take a long walk along its streets you will find that it can be quite a pleasurable walk.

10) Last but not least, you should definitely go shopping in the Marais as it is a really famous shopping district with many things that might interest you.