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What to do in London – Top 10 to Dos

If you are visiting London then there are quite a few things you should know before getting there. But most importantly you should know what to visit since your vacation days might be limited, so sometimes, the more you see the better. So we are here to break down 10 of the most important things a tourist can see or do while on a vacation trip in London.

1) Visit the gallery of the Tate Modern. This particular gallery attracts tourists from all around the world and is one of London’s most visited attractions for a reason.

2) A good place to also visit is the Marylebone Stroll since its charms will keep you busy for at least half a day lying on each well preserved terrace.

3) It might be just a giant ferris wheel and just another huge tourist attraction, but it’s also worth a spin, so make sure you visit the London Eye while you are hanging out in London.

4) Make sure you don’t miss the small arched entrance to Middle Temple which is one of the four remaining Inns of Court which are the places places responsible for the training of all of Britain’s barristers.

5) For eating purposes, you can always visit J. Sheekey which is a sleek art deco brasserie.

6) Another amazing sight for visitors are the Kensington Gardens.

7) Berry Bros. & Rudd is one of the most famous in the world wine cellars and are totally worth a visit by any tourist.

8) You shouldn’t miss paying a visit to the Royal Court Theatre either.

9) If you are into live gigs and having a beer on your free time, then don’t miss out on visiting Barfly and Roundhouse.

10) Last but not least, what is a visit to London without a visit to Big Ben!