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Staying Healthy at Sea - 10 Tips

If you consider taking vacations or going somewhere to take some time off work and you’ve already booked your tickets for traveling with a ship you might want to consider getting yourself ready for all the things that might affect your health while you are sailing to your destination. Many have sea sickness but that is not the only thing that could hurt you while at sea. So we are here to offer a few tips on how to keep yourself healthy at sea!

1) If you are feeling motion sickness, or otherwise known as being seasick, then you could step outside on the deck (if it is of course safe to do so) and get some fresh air.

2) Looking at the horizon can most of the times help you with correcting the sensory mismatch of your body’s balance center in the inner ear, the visual cues and the bones and muscle.

3) If you are inside the ship, despite the size of the ship, you should always find the center of gravity of the ship since there will be less motion there. That will help with when you are starting to feel seasick or having symptoms like being dizzy.

4) Laying down if you are feeling dizzy is also a good way to relax and help limit the rolling motion of your head from side to side.

5) Most ships provide medical staff on the ship including both doctors and nurses so you should be aware of where you can go to have medical service at any time. Make sure you are informed as soon as you board the ship.

6) If there is an outbreak (something like a norovirus for example) it’s a public health issue, and quarantine is a necessary action that is taken by the ship’s staff so you won’t have to worry about that since it will be taken care of by experts.

7) You should make sure that you have visited a doctor as well before traveling to make sure that you won’t have any complications while traveling through sea with your health.

8) Stocking up on necessary medicine for any medical necessities you might have is always one of the most important things to take care of before traveling.

9) Other than your personal medicine, having a few extra things like medication to battle seasickness is also good advise.

10) You shouldn’t fear traveling by sea since all those things can be easily avoided. Fear can lead to anxiety and anxiety can only help seasickness become worse.