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Kids Flying Solo Guide

There are lots of things you should know before actually booking a ticket for your son or daughter to fly alone. Children that fly solo are bound to get in all sorts of trouble if the company makes various mistakes, so you need to know you are trusting the right people with getting your child where you need him or her to get to. Here are a few things to watch out for and generally keep in mind.

1) If it is possible, you should avoid sending your child all alone on their first flight. A guardian, like a relative or just someone like a friend you really trust is a perfect candidate since you can just find a date that if suits both you and the guardian for flying out.

2) You should be sure you have checked the website of the airlines company really carefully regarding the rules and fees for all unaccompanied minors since they can vary a lot from company to company depending on each specialized service since some really take into account the age of the child.

3) You should be at the airport quite early since you will be asked to fill out various forms that are required for your child to fly solo. You should make sure that the flying company has all the names, phone numbers and addresses that might be needed in case of emergency and of course the ones that are needed to get your child to where he or she is supposed to arrive.

4) You shouldn’t trust that anyone from the airline company will be there to actually feed or keep your child busy during the flight. You should make sure that they have snacks with them to keep themselves going and various things to keep them busy (something like a toy for example).

5) If your child is a teen and old enough to fly alone without any supervision but still looks really young, you should make sure you have brought with you a birth certificate or passport for when boarding since it is required for children under 18 to show photo ID.