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Great Golf Vacations – Top 5 Destinations

There are a few things you should know and some that you should consider planning in advance to going on golf vacations. Most people probably doing it for the first time might even wonder, which are the best places to actually do that. We are here to discuss today five of the best places you could go to have really nice golf vacations.

1) There are many places in Europe, that you could really enjoy yourself playing golf. Places like Scotland and Ireland have amazingly long fields full of green that are perfectly configured in a way that it has been turned into the ideal place to play golf. Places like the black river near Bratislava, or the Lavish accommodations at County Kildare in Ireland are amongst the many that are quite often preferred.

2) One of the places you could check out is the Ringhoffer Gold Club near the Stirin Chateau near Prague in the Czech Republic. It is considered to be one of the most challenging courses in and around Prague and a great experience for any golfer. The Czech Republic is also a really nice place for vacations in general, so you will be enjoying yourself to the fullest.

3) Arizona is a pretty good destination if you consider to feel like relaxing a little bit amongst its gorgeous red rock mountains and hanging around its National Parks as well. It has an abundance of high quality golf experiences for any enthusiast and should thus not be overlooked.

4) Canada is also one of the best place one could visit for his golf vacations since it offers some of the most exciting golf challenges in the world including the ones in Kelowna, Vancouver and the Whistler in British Columbia.

5) Another good place to hang out for your golf vacations is in South Africa since every golf enthusiast should at least visit it once. The country has the ideal climate for spending time playing golf and the African sun will be something you’ll remember for quite some time.