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Car Rental Top 10 Tips

1) First of all you should check what kind of vehicle you will be needing for where you are going. You should take into account if you have other people with you because if for example you are travelling with your family and you have children with you, then a car with some safety measures is what you should be looking for.

2) Another thing you should be looking out for is the fuel consumption of the car you are hiring. If you what you will be doing is mostly driving inside a city, then you most probably need a small car with minimum fuel consumption to suit your needs and get you through your day cheaper.

3) Going for an eco-friendly car is always a good choice since it can be both environmentally friendly and also low on fuel consumption.

4) You should make sure you are getting a car you comfortable with. For example, some people prefer to drive with a stick shifter while others hate it. You should make sure you are renting a car that will be easy for you to drive in.

5) If you have just arrived somewhere, make sure you take a public transport to your hotel first and just arrange to rent the car the next day since having a car delivered at a certain spot for you can have really extra expensive costs to it.

6) You should be wary of any prepaid gasoline plans the rent contract might include because when returning a car you might be surprised with what extra costs you might find.

7) It might seem weird for many people but returning your car earlier than planned might actually cost you money. There is an early return fee, which usually goes around 15$ per day, and if that wasn’t all, your rate structure might change and you will then be responsible for the difference that was made.

8) Always make sure you are not forgetting something inside the car when you are returning it.

9) Make sure you don’t damage the car in any way. Yes, it might sound really obvious, but even the slightest of damage can be used as a way to make you pay more money when you return it.

10) Make sure that when the attendant is inspecting the just-returned car, it is done in your presence and communicates with you about any damage that might have been done.