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What To Ask Before You Book A Cruise

Most of the people that have never been on a cruise might wonder, what should I know about it before actually booking a ticket to go on one? Well the answer is simple and we’ve broken it down into a list of things you should know before actually booking your first cruise ticket.

1) First of all, and most important, you should know how much it’s going to cost. The upfront price is always kind of scary and is most of the times people deny going on a cruise at any point in their life but you should know that those fares include all of your accommodations, meals, venues, activities etc. that you will have while you are cruising. You can always find budget tickets but it always look expensive if you see it that way.

2) Even though a cruise might include a lot in the fare’s upfront price, a cruise can have lots of extra activities that you can pay for. You can have things like restaurants, cafeterias and snack bars or luxury services like spa treatments and shore excursions for example.

3) Cruising can be like going to a resort, but it can also be something completely different at the same time. Even though a cruise ship can have all of the comforts a resort has, it is still not right to associate it with most on-land resorts such as casinos and other places like it.

4) Cruising is not just for newly wed couples or really old people. It can be a really exhilarating experience for pretty much anyone.

5) There are diseases while at sea, and you might have heard about reports of outbreaks on cruise ships, but those are easily avoidable if you just clean yourself well at all times and use hand sanitizer in most places (like dining areas and in the ship’s corridors).

6) You might get seasick, but it’s really hard to tell that you are even moving on a ship that big and well stabilized so you shouldn’t have to worry about it at all.