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Air Travel and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of those things that you really need to be careful with, and it’s most probably the millionth time you hear that sentence. Well it gets even more serious when it comes to traveling while pregnant, especially when that happens through air travel. Traveling with an airplane while pregnant can be a danger for various reasons and we are here to help by mentioning a couple tips on how to ensure that you are safe while being pregnant on an airplane.

1) Do not be afraid, that’s the number one rule. In the past, pregnancy used to change everyone’s schedule but now we know what it’s all about and how to avoid any complications and if you are careful you shouldn’t have any complications while traveling either. Surely you might have heard some scary stories of pregnant ladies on airplanes having various incidents but those are just stories.

2) You should know that most studies have shown that it’s perfectly safe to travel by airplane while pregnant. Most of those studies have even been done on flight attendants who travel way more often than anyone else in particular.

3) You should, before actually flying, talk to your practitioner so that he or she can reassure you everything will be fine.

4) Most companies do not allow pregnant women that are 36 weeks or more pregnant to come on board in fear of delivering on board.

5) You should avoid excessive flying though. There are no real numbers to specify that but you should always feel more comfortable while pregnant and traveling too often might make you start feeling uneasy in due time.

6) You should make sure that you are booking a seat with more room for you to stretch your legs and a seat that is actually convenient for getting up and having a walk in the aisle once in a while.